Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

At Killingbeck Industries, we solve old problems with new leading edge solutions. We help businesses thrive in competitive markets.

We use the most cutting edge technology across various industries. We leverage our relationships with leading manufacturers to deliver you the best possible solution for your problems.

Friction Stir Welding

Welding solutions with high quality and repeatability makes Friction Stir Welding an excellent process for emerging companies.​

Crane Safety

We provide and implement crane safety systems and controls to prevent injuries and collisions.

Friction Welding

Friction Welding is a semi automated welding process with great weld characteristics. Excellent for round parts.

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Electron Beam Welding

The highest graded welding process available. Electron Beam Welding solutions are for the most demanding applications.

Advanced Crane Controls

Our advanced crane controls saves your company time and lowers the skill requirements for crane operators.

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Custom designed intelligent automated systems for businesses world-wide.

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About Us

We are a group of consultants with a collective wide range of expertise and knowledge spanning many different industries. Each member of our group has a focused expertise and rich relationships with industry leaders and manufacturers. We leverage this know-how and know-who, to give our clients the best possible solution to their most challenging questions. Consequently, we remove guess work for choosing the right manufacturer at the best price. This saves our clients from going down the wrong path and saving a considerable amount of money and time. 

Collectively, we have very diverse expertise spanning many industries. This is our strength. Nearly all industries overlap in some form. This lets us find solutions to your problems that you didn’t even know exists. These are the solutions that can be game changing for your business. This is what we live to do.